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Heya there you can call me Flame...or FlameLoogieKai....or loogie or kai...either way welcome if you seen my profile for CCC then your welcome to read this (it might get long so enjoy XD)

So me doing voice acting is my fav hobbies and its honestly fun when im not tried form work, im a friendly person and really and i love to make new friends and get along with nice friendly people ^^ ((if you are rude and take it the wrong way person then don't bother)) if you like im always up for request messages for VA stuff depending what it is and invite me to Skype or Discord (recommend discord because quality lols) I also wanna do projects as soon as i can once im in (last time it toke all summer and forgot what i do) and its better if the leader of the project i talk to him/her in person and do the voice acting on call and do what i need to do so its easy for me then texting so i can easily understand what im doing (again Discord or Skype and Google Hangouts)

 and the last thing is what i wanna add for what inspired me to do voice acting.

So voice acting was new to me i first discovered it from watching a man named Robbin Williams who was amazing for voice acting and comedy, A movie i still love and will watch it again sometimes whenever its on is Ms Doubfire was one of my fav movies when i was a little lad (little boy) and even wish to meet him myself but....as if you all know hes gone and i was very sad when i herd the news.....but it didn't made me give up even then anime was a thing i started to watch form Dragon Ball Z to Shakugan No Shana, Heavens Lost Property and so much more im still watching to day, and really alot of all the things ive seen really wanted me to do something that i can do and i wanna do big things like i wanna hopefully one day work to Funimation or something i can voice in amazing in and like i said make friends and hope maybe we can be in our own thing like anime abridge or somthing thats to dub with, but anyways thats all i got and i hope your enjoy what i got and ill hope ill be great to who i voice with ^^,

also if your seeing a same account form another, this is my secend account,

this is my main account, 






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