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I am a professional voice actor with a background in theater and film.  I look forward to working with directors to bring the vision of the character and the project to life. That is always my goal.

Cadence: Susan Sarandon/Cate Blanchett/Kathleen Turner


Why I Became a Voice Over/Voice Actor/Actor

I started acting in my teens and have had a love affair with all aspects of film making since early childhood. From costumes to crew. A to Z.  

Science Fiction and fantasy have been a touchstone in my life.  I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars.  I always say that if I could be in a Star Trek, I'd fulfill my dream. I saw The Empire Strikes Back as a kid and knew I had to be a part of the magic of film.

I have been a VO for meditation CD's, MP3's and Videos for years. I have done radio promos. I even had my own radio show for a few years. I discussed world events, activism and loved to interview interesting people.  My passion  for these things on social media led to being a special guest at NASA in October, 2016. to cover the Antares rocket launch. It was a dream fulfilled and a highlight of my life.

I'm a Gamer

My love of PC gaming (since 1993!) made me want to explore the world of voice over acting full time. I would love to help game developers and modders create games that to me and millions of people fun, laughter and adventure. I love to bring the characters to life.


Paid requests only,  please.  This is how I make my living.

I am a voice actor for a living, but I sometimes donate my time to charities and to game mod devs who create mods to the games I LOVE to play.   I would greatly appreciate a recommendation and credit in return. Thank you!

Prices are
negotiable depending on the job and the scope of work on my end.  


ArcticWolves Studio


Sometimes you hit on something and you say “that’s it.”  And there’s something about her voice. Something special. " Linda T.

Eileen was awesome to work with! She states that she enjoys bringing her characters to life and well, what-do-you-know, she brought that character to life! She does voice-work for a living, so she knew how to communicate and deliver her lines on time. Very professional. 
Thank you Eileen, James C.

Eileen was simply perfect for a very important role I needed. You can tell that she really enjoys what she does, since it shines through her performances. I highly recommend her! Oracus0 

Eileen Anglin provided her voice for Senator Mon Mothma in my Star Wars The Path to Destruction series. When got here audition, I was really surprised and excited. Why? Because suddenly there was an voice actor that for me sounded like an real actor from the original movies. She really got the nature of the character and made her feel like her template from the movies. To work with her was really professional and I got everything I needed from here in no time. For everyone, who is reading this, I can ensure you that here you got a really talented voice actor.

Thank you really much again!

Casting Calls and Auditons

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