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Elizabeth Novotny is a voice actress and vocalist, who discovered her passion for performing at a young age. Are you searching for a sweet children's voice? A delicate mother? Or an intimidating commander? Throughout her years in school, she pursued working in show choir groups and on musical theatre pieces. She has also completed voice acting classes here on Casting Call Club, Gravy For the Brain and other workshops. Elizabeth has voiced in a number of short animations, video games and visual novel games.

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"I’m very happy that Elizabeth was a part of my project, she is a very professional Voice Artist who delivers great results in a quick and efficient manner! She’s also a kind and helpful person, so if you’re looking for a talented VA, I would highly recommend her for your project!

Thanks again, Elizabeth!"

                                      NerdyBird Studios - Potion Commotion

"Elizabeth Novotny easily stood out as one of the better voice actors I've worked with, she was able to capture the energy and tone of the character she was given quite well and it wouldn't surprise me at all if someone said their favorite character was the one she played just because of her voice. She was also easy to work with behind the scenes, she turned in all her lines within a reasonable time frame, and was positive and co-operative during all communication. Many thanks to her for lending her talent to this project."

                                        Plotline Progenitor - Countdown to Silence

Elizabeth is such a delight. Her performance of our character Marte was wonderful, bringing the sweetness from the script to audio format. She was easy to get along with during the project and turned in her lines promptly. We highly recommend her for any role you are considering her.

                                        Phantasmal Bard Studios - Anthologies of Ullord

We greatly enjoyed working with Elizabeth again! She portrayed one of our assassins, Riva, this time. She is a talented performer and as always she is easy to get along with! You will not regret hiring her!

                                        Phantasmal Bard Studios - Anthologies of Ullord

Elizabeth played multiple roles in a story for my anthology podcast. She gave them all unique personalities. She also works well with fine-tuning a performance. Thank you, Elizabeth!

                                         William J. - Strange Love Podcast


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