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Hey there! 

I've been a voice actor since 2011, and was a finalist of Hero TV's Dubbing Academy Season 3, and have since sent voiceovers to 32% of the world's countries, with over 290 projects in the US alone. 
I was qualified to teach at Top Peg Anime School, a school that trains professionals for the anime industry.

I have done voiceovers for Cartoon Network, Grab, Mattel, Samsung, Globe Telecom, ABS-CBN, Hero TV, TV5, Cobra Energy Drink, The Telenovela Channel Camella Homes, and many more.

For TV, I am best known as Starmon and Monitormon for the Filipino dub "Digimon Fusion", and as Hiroshi Fukuda in "Kuroko's Basketball". For English projects, I am best known for the main character roles of Eric and Jake in the English Dub of the tokusatsu series "Armer Hero", and "The Armor Hero Movie", as well as the main villain Lucious in "Armor Hero XT". I also voice Shadow, Oscar, and Dimero in the SEA dub of "AI Football GGO".

I have done a number of foreign language film dubs for American, Spanish, Indian, Turkish, and Mexican, dubs for movies like "The Count of Monte Cristo", "Jungle", "Sixty Million Dollar Man", "The Three Sides of Ana", and "The Rose of Guadalupe", and more.

Among many online games, I voice JD and Gracielo in the fantasy MMORPG "Granado Espada online". I voice the mascot and videogame franchise protagonist, Ian McFoxx, for Fantasy-soft Entertainment. I also play the role of Ian in "Seven Gates of Heaven", a project that I share with acclaimed voice actor/director Chuck Huber, and I voice Varan Soulstice in the TV Series "League of Eden", a project that I share with veteran voice actor/ADR director Todd Haberkorn. I voice the main character Blithe Dalrich in Deceptive Games' "Secret Monster Society", and the titular character in "Felipe Femur and friends", among many more apps and video games. I've done voiceovers for hundreds of AVP's and explainer videos, and no day goes by without me recording for these projects.


Pricing varies on the nature of the project. I would be happy to discuss it with the client and consider their budget.


Cartoon Network (Asia), Grab (Philippines) Mattel, Globe Telecom, Samsung, Telenovela Channel, Hero TV, TV5


"The only bad thing about leaving a review for Dave Soltura is that there aren't enough stars to rate him with. 5 stars just isn't enough. Of the thousands of voiceover people on the net, Dave is one of the few who has the ability to create unique character voices, rather than just mimic what has been done before. No predictable impersonations that have been done a thousand times, Daves character voices are unique and highly professional.

Dave has a great understanding of the written material he is given, and the ability to add more to a performance than you ever expect. He delivers the perfect performance every time and gives life and character to my animations.

I highly recommend Dave to anyone in need of a talented voice artist."

~Garry Pye (Crazytalk Animator)

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