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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

My name is Chazz Ravenelle and I’m an experienced online voice actor, audio engineer, video editor, director and, writer.

If you're searching for a video editor and/or audio engineer, I offer excellent results. I have an ideal mixing setup and a fast video editing workstation. I also possess a hard drive filled with thousands of royalty-free sound effects and high-resolution VFX paid out of pocket. I'm ready to work.


My rates vary depending on the project. Non-profit work is free depending on the workload.

I also ask that all clients write testimonials and/or grant recommendations!


  • Colleagues, Collaborators, Clients:

  • MrBettyKrueger 

  • Voice Actor/Indie Horror Filmmaker/YouTuber

  • David Near 

  • Voice Actor/ Music Composer/ Animator/YouTuber

  1. Nicholas Cortez

  2. Voice Actor/ Artist/YouTuber

  1. Blaze Manga

  2. Manga Artists/Writers/Directors/Creators of “Iridescent”

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Popular Acting Appearances:

Bacon General and Old Man
12M+ views

The Last Guest, Matt, Bacon Hair Terrorist, Newscaster, Bullies & more

11M+ views

Justin, News Reporter, Guests

3M+ views

Phone Guy
2M+ views

Bacon Hair Soldier

2M+ views


Audio Production:

“Probably the nicest person we’ve worked with. Absolutely committed to his work and was even willing to do a side project for us whilst working on the main one! Added a whole new layer of quality to our projects, and we would HIGHLY  recommend working with him!” - AQS Entertainment

Voice Acting:

"Chazz, you are an exceptionally talented voice actor with a vast variety of complimentative and clear voices to make any project stand out. It's been a pleasure working with someone who has a great personality, outstanding voice, and always reliable on time." - ObliviousHD

"The moment I've heard your demo I was sold. If it is up to me I'm sure I can take you on this journey and have more roles for you. It is a great pleasure to see written words become real voices and characters. Part of the magic that can't be replaced."  - Patryk Waver from Titan Pictures

"you got the voice just right bro seriusly your bananas cool boy howdy who who howdy hay"  - The Russian ComicBook Geek

"Just took a listen and everything sounds great as usual. I've got plenty of options to choose from. Thank you!" - "Boss" A.K.A simgmproductions

"Great work yet again Chazz. You never fail to impress me with your ever-growing skills as a voice actor. It's always a pleasure to work with you my friend." - Gabe Gazic from SilverBladeProductions

"Truly excellent voice work, formidable much like a ribeye."

- Patrick Ferguson a.k.a MrBettyKrueger

Casting Calls and Auditons

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