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Hi, my name is Chazz Ravenelle and I am a voice actor/varied creator. 

Since 2013, I have pursued an array of creative fields including voice acting, audio production, video editing, animation, scriptwriting and more. 

As an actor and collaborator, I’ve assisted in the making of numerous project types including motion comics, audio dramas, short films, music videos, visual novels, animations, fandubs and more. 

As a project leader, I wrote/directed my very own horror audio drama and co-directed a fully animated Batman motion comic. I am also a co-director/co-creator of The Morgue Files which is a new horror anthology audio drama series on youtube.

Whether I am neck-deep in my own projects or auditioning for the work of others, I operate in my very own home studio

Storytelling is my deepest passion and I hope to work with you in the foreseeable future as a leader or an asset.



My rates vary depending on the project but I accept the offers attached to the roles I audition/apply for. Non-profit work is free depending on the workload.

I also ask that all clients write testimonials and/or grant recommendations.


  • MrBettyKrueger 

  • Voice Actor/Indie Horror Filmmaker/YouTuber

  • David Near 

  • Voice Actor/ Music Composer/ Animator/YouTuber

  1. Nicholas Cortez

  2. Voice Actor/ Artist/YouTuber

  1. Blaze Manga

  2. Manga Artists/Writers/Directors/Creators of “Iridescent”


Audio Production:

“Probably the nicest person we’ve worked with. Absolutely committed to his work and was even willing to do a side project for us whilst working on the main one! Added a whole new layer of quality to our projects, and we would HIGHLY  recommend working with him!”

- AQS Entertainment

Voice Acting:

"Chazz, you are an exceptionally talented voice actor with a vast variety of complimentative and clear voices to make any project stand out. It's been a pleasure working with someone who has a great personality, outstanding voice, and always reliable on time."

- ObliviousHD

Casting Calls and Auditons

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