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About Me:
The name I would like to be called is Phoenix. My voice range is around medium since I have yet to explore how much more my voice could do. I am a female and am on this site to help others.
Why Am I Here?
I'm on this site because as stated before, I am here to help anyone that would need my help. I also have loads of free time on my hands, however, if the project needs dedication I am completely willing to be dedicated to the creator of the project and dedicate my time to the project if cast.
What I Can Do: 
As you can see from my interests, I am interested in basically anything related to Minecraft. I am quite good at skin making for both male and female skins and can help with possibly even animal skins. I can also make Minecraft roleplay thumbnails with animated characters. However, my skills are not limited to Minecraft. I can also write scripts and storylines if wanted. I also can voice act since this is a voice acting site. I am currently more skilled in voice acting for teens since I am a teen myself but I am willing to see if I could try out for an older or younger voice if requested.
Additional Info: 
I personally prefer not to tell my personal age if it is not needed. The reason for this is because I could personally prefer for my skills to be judged from my abilities instead of what other's think a person in a specific age group can do. However, I WILL provide my age if asked from creators (I am not younger than 12.). My timezone is PST and I am mainly free from 5pm-+11pm on weekdays and free for basically the whole day on weekends so if you would like to contact me, please private message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Contact Me:

If you would like for me to try out in your project or would like my help with anything started in the "What I Can Do"  section, please private message me and I will most likely get back to you the day you contact me depending on when you contact me.


I am on here just as a hobby and would be completely fine without being paid. However, if you would like to pay me, I would be glad discuss prices with you.



Casting Calls and Auditons

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