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    VoiceActing. Acting. Filmmaking. Screen Writing.
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    Cockney English
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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

My name is Kylie DeFord, I go by Cadence Hopkins for all my voice acting purposes.  I also have a Radio DJ name, Kylie Coyote. I acquired the name while working with a local radio station near my hometown; KASU 91.9FM.   I interned there for 150 hours of work, in that time I assisted in producing radio shows and segments. I wrote scripts for radio production, and as a production intern, I helped produce 5 shows, 1 feature, and 32 promos.  My hobby became my obsession; my obsession became my job. My craft falls into 3 areas: Film, Voice Acting, and Writing. I have been writing scripts for 15 years and filming for 13 of them. 5 years ago, I took an interest in voice acting and would like to pursue a career in it. My number one goal is to make people happy with the films and voices I produce and inspire others to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. I currently work with ACX Audiobook Creation Exchange creating audiobooks.  I am also on Behind the Voice Actors, auditioning for all sorts of unpaid work.  For: Animation, Audiobooks, Cartoons, Character, Dubbing, Promos, and Video Games. The latest news about my projects is posted here:


  • Rates vary on experience and project.

  • For Audiobook Creation Exchange, and for audiobooks, I am on a royalty share with the author or author(s).  I receive 50% of the profit after the book is sold on Amazon or through Audible. 


David Harnois 
David Harnois is a copy tech at Copyworks and the Director and Voice Actor for I Am Lost Without My Boswell. 

LINK to website here: 
I Am Lost Without My Boswell is a volunteer-driven effort to create free audio dramatizations of the entire Sherlock Holmes canon.
I auditioned and booked the role of Mrs. St. Clair for an audio story: 
LINK here: 


Casting Calls and Auditons

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