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I am CS1, a student living in the United Kingdom who is pursuing Voice Acting on the side while I work on my course. I'm currently on the final year of a Mathematics BSc, and given my previous work as an amateur Voice Actor, I'm now looking to go even further and start taking my work more seriously.

I'm always looking to try out new roles and work on expanding my range - so while I've been typecast as posh nobles or young adventurers so far, I'm more than happy to go outside of my comfort zone and see what new characters I can portray with my versatile voice.


My pricing is negotiable depending on how much audio editing is to be done on my end. I am completely open to discussion about payment on a case by case basis.

I'm willing to work for less (or potentially even free) for some amateur projects which I'm interested in but do not have the appropriate funds available to properly pay their voice actors. Having come from a background relying on friends to contribute their voices for no pay, I'm aware of the struggles of new content creators and want to do what I can to help people reach their potential regardless of what they can and can't afford.


I have worked primarily in content on theĀ "Will Miss It" Youtube Channel, offering voices to various characters appearing in a variety of skits and short movies. I've played various NPCs in the "Stuff Players Say" series, star as one of the main characters in the "RuneScape Logic/Ben and Tim" series, and have featured in bigger projects such as "The Monkover", "Dungeons and Dragons in RuneScape", and "Thrones of Gielinor".

"Thrones of Gielinor" is my flagship project, a feature length machinima movie (132 minutes runtime) that I produced - doing the majority of the script writing, organising all the actors and voice actors (including some work myself), helping with some of the directing as well as helping edit roughly a quarter of it. The movie was a great success, quickly hitting 100k views on YouTube in a niche community following a live premiere on the official RuneScape twitch channel (where me and the other project lead, Will Miss It, attended JaGeX game studios in person for the release party.) The livestream of the movie had a consistent 1.5k viewers on Twitch.


"I'm in love with CS1's voice" ~Kira, Studio Code Blank

"I don't know what I would do without you" ~Will Miss It, Popular Youtuber

Casting Calls and Auditons

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