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I have a nice mid range voice that can go up or down, in any direction. My voice is warm and natural, yet i can go off the deep end in Character if i need to and you want me to.  I have a long background in ring announcing and play by play for Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts.  I've hosted the Enter The Flex Zone and MMA Mayhem Radio podcasts and I can provide cartoon voices and character voices that sound real while also being able to improvise on the go.  


Price varies depending on words/scope of project.



Reese Hamilton

I worked with Brad Storm for 3 years. In addition to being a great talent, he is dependable, creative, and has a great spirit. If the extra mile is needed, he is there. Great guy to work with.

Chaz Dowdell

Man absolutely love and appreciate what you do Brad. Keep up the work and we look forward to continue working with you.

Joel Brock

It was pleasure to work with Brad Lanoue at MMA Mayhem Radio/TV, Brad was one of the people I could always depend on to come through and not only that but come through with high quality work to show for it. Not only is Brad very talented at what he does but his high energy and positive personality are a major asset to any group.

I would HIGHLY recommend Brad Lanoue to any company seeking a self-motivate individual with skills in producing radio shows, voice over work, social media managing, and on-air radio or TV work.

Kurt Johnson

Voice of The Storm Recording is one of the BEST out there!!!
I am an up & coming sports radio personality and I needed some work done to my introduction and segments lead-ins for my show!! A friend suggest "Voice of the Storm Recording" and I am so glad and happy with the finished product! So if you are in need for voice overs for anything in the media world, make sure to check out "Voices of The Storm" Recording!!

Tommy Pavia

Voices of the Storm Recording is AMAZING!

SEE & LISTEN for Yourself Brad is absolutely one of the BEST in delivering High Level Quality Voice overs, Commercial Voice and On Camera Voice Interviews that Engage and Capture an Audience like no other!!!!

Michael Hessing

Brad is a multi-talented sports broadcasting pro with distinctive on-air style that is compelling and informative. As a ring announcer at wrestling matches and interviewer of mixed martial arts fighters, Brad breaks the mold. He is also an exceptional Voice Over talent from performing as cartoon characters to voicing commercials. Brad excels behind the scenes as well in video and audio production. i recommend him highly to competitive media and/or first rate broadcast companies.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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