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Take the first step towards finishing your next quality project. Bob Feeser is a passionate Voice Over Artist with a wide, diverse range of characters and abilities. Bob is a great choice for any new startup, mobile game or commercial for young adult audiences!

He has done work for McDonalds, Jockey and many others with credits in Television and Live attractions. You can book him for anything from major commercial campaigns, to Triple-A Video Games, to small indie mobile games, to IVR prompts. There's no limit! Visit to book today!

Voice Style/Type

Bob has a very versatile voice range between medium-high and medium-low, Tenor. High-energy characters and comic relief are a major focus of his. He is a great fit for characters with raspy or boyish voices, antagonists with crazy or cunning intellectual sounding voices, highly energetic, emotive and excitable characters, and everything in-between. Compare his high-energy, over-the-top style to Richard Steven Horvitz, Stephen Merchant, Jack Black, Chris Pratt, Justin Roiland, and James Roday.

Performance Capabilities

Passionate is but one way that clients describe Bob's voice. Honest, Excitable, High-energy, Sincere, Hyper, Energetic, Casual, Youthful are a few more. Bob can cover all your needs in Video Games, Mobile Games, Animation, Synchronization(Dubbing), Commercials, E-Learning, Explainers, Sizzle Reels, Phone Systems(IVR), Tutorial, Internet Video, YouTube, Podcast Intro, Mobile App and much more.

Business Philosophy

Bob treats project with a great amount of passion and respect. He is bent on ensuring that every performance is his best performance yet! Every recording is of the highest possible quality as he is constantly improving his recording setup and his approach to a script. You'll never have to wait for a recording as his clients are of the highest priority! He will work around your schedule and guarantee you receive the finished product as quickly as possible! Fast turnaround and great performance is what you should expect from Bob Feeser!


Very Fast Turn-Around! Quality Audio! On-Site Availability in the Greater Philadelphia Area!

High Quality Audio! Incredible Performance! Guaranteed!

EST East Coast Time-zone.



Jockey Athleisure
Bloomreach Connect
Ben Combes Films
Glass Entertainment
Captain Ron Productions
Typical Games
Rittenhouse Filmworks


"Incredibly fast and precise, very good actor and very good for synchronisation!"

     - Ben Combes, Ben Combes Films
"Very professional and takes direction very well. We definitely will be booking again!"

Casting Calls and Auditons

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