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Hi there!

I'm just a dude who really likes voice acting and making stuff. I'm happy to be on board a spectrum of projects let me know if I'm the guy for you.

I've had experience in the professional field working for the BBC both behind and in front of the mic.

I work full time so I can't commit to large projects but, hey if its a couple of hours in the sound booth to help someone out, I'm more than happy. 


I do stuff for free but if you can throw some cash my way I'm not going to turn it down!


Scribblerson 3

By Steve Waters. Drama focusing on the relationship between playwright Henry Fielding and the first prime minister, Robert Walpole. With David Troughton and Niamh Cusack.

BBC Radio 3 - March 2015

I helped with foley sound, had a speaking part and also played the guitar in one of the scenes.


A-Level Music Testimonial 

In Music Technology I have rarely taught a student who has worked with such detail and focus. He has a genuine passion for the subject and works enthusiastically in and out of the classroom to further his knowledge and understanding of the recording studio and music production software. It has not been uncommon for Adam to display a deeper understanding of certain aspects of music software than that of the teachers. His ability to manipulate and create sounds using synthesis, sampling and other production techniques is profoundly advanced. Adam produced three outstanding pieces of coursework, one which was the most impressive piece of creativity I have seen in the eleven years I have been teaching the subject. 

Adam is an immense support to the music department. He is a bright and cheerful person to have about and regularly helps students in lower year groups with their studies in music technology as well as offering his support generally to teachers. It really has been a pleasure knowing and teaching Adam and I am happy to recommend him to any institution.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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