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Voice Actor
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Hello !! This is Ashmita but I go by Rosh . A voice actor .  I am 12 ( presently ). I am a topper of my grade so I won't choose Voice Acting as profession . I feel relaxed when I do voice acting . I 😍 voice acting and studying. Other than this I also play basketball , badminton , volleyball etc. I learn martial art ( Tang Soo Do )and classical dance ( Bharatnatyam ).

Thank you Voice Acting for improving my English skills  . You helped me but you'll have to wait for me to repay you . Today I Learned the most valuable lesson of my life . VAing was a recent trend in my life and with this trend of mine I blew the Internet . If you are a Director looking for a VA for a childish role then count me in . I can audition for your project only if it is free of NSFW content . 

My Discord account :- 


Note: I am gonna take a break from voice acting cuz I gotta concentrate on my studies ..

So if I am not so active on the chat please don't get mad at me .....

For directors or clients : Don't worry I will still be voicing the characters I am cast for ....


I work for #FREE


Completed roles:-

Touhou- Fantasy Kaleidoscope the memories of fantasm - As - Nitori Kawashiro , Merlin Prismriver ,Lily White 

and I will be voicing some previews and trailers.

Cryingabyss:- As - ' unnamed character '
                          As - Sarah in Childhood massage
Creepa:- Penelope in a Mario Video game

Ongoing roles :-
"Classmates" in When they cry fandub by Nikkoji
"Emi Sendou" in Cardfight!! Vanguard Abridged by Psychoboy
"Sonia" in Mobius Redrawn by Memiko209
"Reimu Hakurei"in Touhou shorts by Memiko209
"Elena" in The Impact Unit by ' I don't know what I am doing'
"Amy","Mich"&"Doodle" in The Ballad of the Haunted by ' A strange-ish planethouse'
"Kellie" in Exploring the Unbelievable - A magical mystery!!!
"Invi" in Kingdom hearts fandub by 'Light'
"Kate WillIams" in Idol gates by 'Casey Negative'
"Teylie Evander" in Magicians of the past by 'Superstars'
"Singer" in WOW hindi cover by 'Beyond Magical'
"Melodia" in Ribboned Sonata by 'NerdysweetiePeachy'


"It's Okay . But you won't be allowed to do it all the time ." My Father and Mother

 " You did great on your lines. My sister who is also helping also likes your voice aswell." NIKKOJI

"First two lines are amazing!"CaseyNegative

" Great work on the lines . " Cryingabyss

Casting Calls and Auditons

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