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Feel free to visit

As a professional non-union VO actor for nearly a decade, Andy toils daily at the metaphorical anvil of voiceovers honing his craft and donning the chain mail of vocal awesomeness. He'll proudly shout from his Hobbit hole that doing character work is his specialty but many bards have sung and several lengthy tomes have been written about his audiobook, commercial, and e-learning skills as well.


Pricing wholly dependent on:

-Length of project 
-Number of characters needed
-Turnaround time
-Potential pickups/edits

Feel free to email [email protected] for details!


Amica Insurance

Embrace Home Loans
FIRST Robotics
Inway Studios
Public Consulting Group
New Jersey Department of Education
Ironward Studios
Invoker Studios
Rock Pocket Games
Crossroad Press
Moss, Incorporated
Newfangled Studios
Audio Realms
Games That Work
Curriculum Associates
UCool Studios
Evolve Media
Eipix Entertainment
Central Films
Petroglyph Studios
Little Green Men Studios
Impeller Studios
Skydive Newport
OutAct Studios
Ace Maddox Studios
Ninpo Games
Hiro No Hero
Personalized Learning Games


"Andy's turnaround time is impeccable; wasting no time to get to work. His vocals pushed the stories he worked on to the next level!" - Kayla O'Brien,

"Andy Mack keeps things rolling with a tense, emotional narration...[which] ultimately adds to the drama of the story. Mack makes the most of the plot, maintaining listeners' interest in this long, winding story of the Civil War." - AudioFile Magazine

"Andy has proved amazingly responsive and conscientious. His work is consistently high-quality, and I look forward to working with him more in the future." - Lauren Bryar, Public Consulting Group

"I was very pleased with Andy's work. Andy proved himself to be a professional in every way and exceeded my expectations with the creativity of his reading." - J.E. Fishman, The Dark Pool author

"Andy is a very efficient voiceover producer, working at fair rates and quickly coming back with results. He is not afraid to give that extra effort and excitement into his work to bring the quality to the next level and make it memorable." - Magnus Ekeli, Modulated

"Andy is a great talent...and he's a consummate professional. Always punctual, high integrity in work quality and ethic. I highly recommend Andy!" - Okie Inweh, Inway Studios

"Andy is a talented and versatile actor who is easy to work with. He has a very professional manner and can deliver quality audio work to exacting schedules." - John Armstrong, GameVoices UK

"[He's] a very talented voiceover artist capable of providing his numerous clients with everything from audiobook narration, radio/TV/web spots, to animation and video game characters. He is very dependable and produces a great final product. If you're in the market for a dedicated professional, hire Andy Mack!" - Ed Mace, VO actor

Casting Calls and Auditons

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