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Who even are you?
Well, Greetings! It's nice to see you wanted to check who I am dear reader! In short, I am an aspiring voice actor who wants to receive as much experience as he can! 

Were you a part of any projects beforehand? Did you get hired for something?

Well, no and yes. You see, I am quite new here. Therefore, while I did get hired for some projects here, I cannot show you an end result yet because they are still in development.

However, if you are still curious, those projects include the following:

Monokuma on the projects: "The Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Redub", "Danganronpa: Cage of Madness" and "Danganronpa: Aftermath".

Monodora on "Danganronpa: Re-birth Ask Blog!"'

Setsueko Taeko on "Danganronpa - Mayhem of Ultimate Resolve".

Tomohiro Yamazaki on "Ruins of Hope - A Danganronpa story".

Meito Anizawa on "Lucky Star: Abridged".

Nanako Kuroi on "Lucky Star Abridged".

Also, I used to make youtube videos dubbing the Paper Mario series although I took them down because my microphone quality at the time was equal for that of a toaster. 

Decide for yourself if to count that one or not.

How fast are you?

I'll assume you mean the speed of my recordings and of my requested line deliveries and not my actual running speed (which is pretty poor, if you must know).

It's hard to give a straight answer to that question because the number of lines and events in the real life can affect the results. However, expect to receive the lines from me on the week you asked me to record them, may it be 7 days later, or even on the same day.

* If I haven't given you the lines in that time frame, expect to get a message from me with the reason for that.

* I will do my best to become quicker if the project demands it (But please be reasonable, expecting me to record an absurd amount of lines in one day is not logical).

* If you believe a re-record is needed for any reason, inform me, and expect, again, to receive the re-recorded lines in the timeframe of a week.

Do you have any special traits or skills that you believe will help you out?

Good question reader that I am assuming asking that question!

I am capable of using multiple different voices, that you can check in my demo reel, to fit into a number of diverse roles (However, I consider my specialty to be voicing high pitched characters or characters with a "strange" or "wacky" voice, such as monsters, characters that are considered strange or unique characters, expect to see me at my best in that category). 

Demo reels for some characters will also be featured to give a number of examples to show the capabilities of some of my voice range.

Wait... Why are most of the projects you got hired to are Danganronpa projects?

Well... There are multiple reasons for that:

The first reason is that, quite obviously, I like the Danganronpa franchise, and so it's natural to me to go and audition for, and apparently land, some of the roles.

The second reason is that I felt connected to the characters I auditioned for, believed I was capable of capturing their personalities in my voice and was sure that I could bring them to life.

You can check other auditions of mine if you are curious, I auditioned for more than "just the Danganronpa franchise". I auditioned for every character I believed I could bring them to life. 

What's the deal with your name?

I chose this name because it can be quite humorous and memorable, but it's up to you to decide if to take this name literally or not, I promise I will do my best to prove this name wrong if you will give me a chance!

Any final notes you want to say or mention before we are done here?

With pleasure! If you will be willing to hire me, expect to get an enthusiastic member that will attempt to give it his all to the project. Don't let my silent self on group chats to fool you, I am keeping an eye on everything that is happening and I will be sure to do my best!

Also, please feel free to give me criticism of any kind, may it be praise, or things I should improve and do better, I will be happy to hear both kinds. My only request is to give it them in a reasonable way and not by cursing or "flaming" me. 

If do you have any more questions or notes, please feel free to message me directly through here, I will answer as soon as I can!


So what about payment?
Well, since I am currently an amateur, I will work for free, no need to pay me at all.
Actually, I kinda lied: You already pay me by allowing me to receive experience on your wonderful projects!

I feel obligated to pay you... What now?
If you really feel that for one reason or other you MUST pay to me by actual money and not just with experience, first of all, thank you, it's quite flattering. To solve that problem we will speak privately and decide about the payment according to the project. However, paying to me is really unnecessary in my opinion.



Casting Calls and Auditons

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