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Voice Actor
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Professional voice actor with over 3 years of experience in the industry. I have a warm and genuine voice that is expressed with unique energy and appeal that connects with listeners. Suitable to a variety of topics, audiences, and mediums, I specialize in commercials, e-learning, and corporate video content. I offer a smooth and professional product with an infectious exuberance and a quick turnaround to fit your project timeline.


Pricing is always negotiable based on the project and the scope of the work. Feel free to reach out to discuss more!



“We hired Aaron to do a voiceover for an explainer video on one of our services. Working with Aaron was simple and easy – he quickly understood what we were looking for and provided a high-level product on the first try. We were extremely pleased with the final version of the video, with the voiceover being the essential element that tied everything together. Aaron has the golden voice!” 

- Robert P. Roche III, Marketing and Innovation Manager, OPG 

 “Aaron was instrumental in helping our organization create a project that had a last-minute schedule. He was quick to adapt to edits and answer any questions. Aaron was flexible and took the time to understand the purpose of the project as a whole. We’ll be showing this video to partners in the entertainment world, so having his voice really carries our mission even further than we had envisioned.“ 

- Nora Weiss, Marketing and Social Media Associate, Good Sports, Inc. 

 “Aaron is an extremely talented artist who is a pleasure to work with. We needed a voice that expressed the ability of our products in demo videos and he was able to turn dry technology into something that is enjoyable to watch. Aaron worked quickly to meet deadlines and was always willing to make any adjustments we saw necessary. We now have great videos that showcase our products in just the right way.“ 

- Brooke Kumnick, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Congruity 360 

 “Aaron has a smooth, mellow voice that is deep and contemporary – very nice quality. He knows how to interpret a script well.” 

- William Kamp, Producer and Consultant, Such A Voice

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