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Hello everybody. My name is Ryan. I'm a fairly amateur voice actor, having only a years worth of experience in the field. I haven't had much education in terms of traditional acting, but I've been managing to get by and I feel like I've only been getting better as time has gone on. I look forward to working with you!


If you reach out to me:

One time character: $0.50 Per Line OR $5 for One Episode (10+ Lines)

Main/Reoccurring character: $2-10 Per Episode (1-50 Lines Per episode)

If I reach out to you:



My clients include:






And more!


If you want a quality voice actor this is your guy! Ryan is always on time with his lines he is easy to work with and is above all else just an amazing and kind voice actor! -AbbeyDaBunny

Ryan is a brilliant voice actor. He puts emotion into his lines and is very good at expressing it through his voice. He is also very punctual despite time zones, and he is very respectable. He is a fun guy to work with and I was quite happy with the results he gave every time. He exceeded my expectations, and this might be my opinion but I'd say he’s one of the best voice actors I have. As a friend and as boss. -ItzMomo

If you’re looking for a voice actor who can bring EVERYTHING to the table, Ryan’s the guy for the job. With all the time I’ve worked with him he’s proven himself to put his heart into his portrayed emotions and so much more. He’s a pleasure to work with, very organized with his lines, and overall is a very skilled voice actor. Also if you’re in need of a VA who can do some INTENSE lines, Ryan’s your guy~ -SlySuptic

APixelPenguin (Ryan), is a very easy and very reliable voice actor. He is always on time, and puts in his best emotions throughout all of his work. I've really appreciated his dedication to the team, and his amazing vocal skills -- Especially when it comes to making him scream bloody murder at certain characters. He can easily portray any type of character, from Good guy gone bad, to even a rock hard dude who couldn't care less about if he died or not the next day. Because of his dedication and hard work, Ryan has become a loyal and trust worthy voice actor to pre-cast in big projects of mine, and will continue to be: so long he pleases. -ItsJustSteve

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