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Voice Actor
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    Audio Editing
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    Deep voice
    New York
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Andrew Montesi, Voice-Over Professional
For almost 20 years I’ve been voicing the success of companies around the globe!
I have always been attracted to the performing arts, and after landing parts in a variety of Broadway musicals at an Orlando dinner theater, I was hooked.
Eventually, I was drawn into voice-over work when I attended an introductory course at a local college.
I developed my distinct, authoritative voice to help people market their products effectively. Today, it’s personally rewarding for me to have established long-term business relationships with many of my clients.
For me, voice-over work is a collaboration. Always. I take pride in the product I deliver.

My goal is to craft the best possible product to meet my clients’ needs.


Pricing based on project type, length, and intended use.



Client Testimonials

The marketing team and top brass at Exmark are thrilled with how they all came out, much of which is due to our choice for the ‘voice’ of Exmark"
 - Jeff E
Adventure Advertising

"I’ve already had a few people ask, who the
 hell is that?  He’s great!!"
  - Mark D.
 Many Moods Limited

 "Once again, PERFECT!
 We know we made the right decision when we
 chose you as our station voice! Thank you!"
- Keoma W.
 Founder, OpenWeb / OpenTalkLive.com

 "Fantastic job! Totally cool voice =) I loved it". 
- Mike C.
 Chicago Web Design

 "Andrew, you are truly AMAZING! I love it,
 you knocked it out of the park again my friend!"

 - Mike D.
 E I Creative

 "Great job, Andrew. The piece really sounds
 terrific. Thanks so much. I couldn't ask for more".

  - Josh L.

 "Great job! Thanks for the quick turnaround.
 Please send the invoice".

  - Vincent G.
 VTG Studio

 "The agency called the spot "fabulous." The
 actual client hasn't heard it yet, but I'm sure
 they'll love it, too. Thanks!  And I hope to give
 you more work in the future!"
- Walker F.
  Journal Broadcast Group

Hey Andrew. Great news we won Black & Decker!! And we couldn't have done it without your cool, rugged voice".
 - Leeman L
 Luxeve Media

"Just wanted to follow up and thank you again for your great work on the voiceover for the CIRCNA X video. The video played Saturday night to a full house (1600 people) in the Palm Springs Convention Center and another 400 people in the overflow room. They were clapping and cheering the whole way through and were on their feet making a ton of noise by the end. Thanks again! It was perfect".
 - Mike C.
 The Clements

"Andrew. My guy doing the video is very pleased. He thought it was Lawrence Fishburne doing Morpheus from Matrix when he heard you!! :0)".
 - Kirk H.
 Guildford Flames Ice Hockey Club​

"Andrew, this is FANTASTIC!!!! You are a true professional with a very wonderful gift! Thank you very much, this is perfect".
- Mike D.
 E I Creative

 "Andrew, absolutely top notch!!, king of the road!!, top of the class!!! Thank you very much indeed for your patience & time. Looking forward to working with you again very soon".
 - Eddie M.
 U105 Radio

Casting Calls and Auditons

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