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About KedVito615

Hi guys!

My name is Kedric Vance! I'm an independent artist/rapper from Nashville TN. I actually studied Mass Communications with an Emphasis in Radio/TV at Tennessee State University. So, once I discovered this website, it was right up my alley. I had my own radio show in college, conducted numerous voice-overs and narrations, and served as a news anchor for TSU-TV News 98 during my time at TSU. I've also done a litany of video editing projects, as well as screenwriting and script writing projects. 

But once I graduated in 2011, I did not pursue a career within my field. Music was always my passion. I was a local recording artist while I was in college, but started a family shortly after graduation. So I receded from doing music for awhile. I recently got back into music at the end of 2015, and I've released two albums and two mixtape since. I've traveled most of the southern and southeast region to do performances also since I've gotten back into it. 

I have always wanted to get into voice overs and voice acting, and a close friend of mines rekindled that thought in a recent conversation. So I did a little research, and discovered this website! (you wouldn't believe the excitement I have in me!)

Check out my music on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @KDVmusic. 

I hope to work with some of you soon!