Kani B

I am an ex-stage actor and dancer transitioning into the world of voice acting. 

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About Kani B

Kani has 10 years of experience in theatrical acting and spent several years training with a local theatre company learning skills such as creating a good stage/vocal presence and the skill of improvisation. With her many years of studio training in various dance styles, she brings a strong sense of dedication and an open mind to everything she does. She is excited to bring an emotion-filled performance to all your projects!

Contact: Send a private message for questions and inquiries. 

Previous work

Demon Slayer - Tanjiro vs Giyuu Fandub: Nezuko — itschryss

Hunter X Hunter Dark Continent fandub: Gel/Pyonn/Cluck — ukebeth 

Pearl Fey the Attorney - [Ace Attorney Comic Dub]: Maya Fey — V-Meister71

Project Agartha: Effort SFX Female #5 —  matrioshkagames

Resident Evil file readings & monologues: Female Villager's Diary — First Aid Spray

  • @v-meister71

    Kani provided me some really good voice work for a comic dub I made in a timely manner. They have a good vocal range and are very nice too! Definitely cast them for your project, I'd work with them again for sure.