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Joseph Duncan

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About Joseph Duncan

Hey, I'm Joseph Duncan. Thanks for checking out my profile!

A little about me: I'm a fervent Christian, actor, hobbyist writer, and amateur guitar player. 

I have been acting on stage since I was fourteen, playing anything form a man who carries around his wife's ashes in a jar of mayonnaise to a mercenary captain in an absurdist play.

It has been my goal to become a professional actor since I started on stage. So, I took to learning more about the craft. I went to Everett Community College for a year, learning what little I could in that time about acting, writing, and some French (which I'm still terrible at speaking). I have been learning to implement the Meisner Technique under Justine Visone, to be more in the moment, when it comes to acting. Over this past year of 2020 (for the mess that it has been), I have had the pleasure of learning voice over online through Steve Blum's Teaching Series. 

I believe that learning never stops. In everything someone does, there is a chance to learn through successes and failures. I look forward to learning and creating with you!