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About Domminator

I can record in my home studio, or I can go take a bus to the On The Mic recording studio down on Powell street in Vancouver.

I like focusing on the emotional part of the character. I can sing and I can bring energy to the roles I’m given. I enjoy doing this work.

People have also said that my voice is likened to Light Yagami from the anime Death Note.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    While young, Domminator has a great voice and a great attitude for his work. He efficiently and quickly gets his work done and always makes sure that the work he gives is correctly done and up to standards. He has been on my team for some time now and I can safely say his voice, while again young, can adapt easily to different characters in a wide variety of situations. From a futuristic military commander charging into battle yelling at the top of his lungs to a prison warden becoming agitated to a sudden disruption of his work. Domminator has done both of these and more and I can safely say I would recommend him to others if asked.

    I look forward to continued cooperation with Domminator!

  • @roseydanes

    Domminator voices Silver in my Sonic fan audiobook. He dives deep into the character and expresses him in a gripping fashion. Much is required for this part emotionally and Domminator is fearless when exploring everything from, joyful innocence… to darker, painful themes in the story. The result has been a version of Silver that is full of unique dimension and depth. This actor pays close attention to contextual details, focuses keenly on each line, and creates great sincerity in his delivery. He’s also not afraid to jump into unhinged improvisation. He let me take Silver into the interrogation room, where we got to see the character breakdown. To many, this character is known for his meme-worthy one liners. So witnessing Domminator connect to Silver in such a way, that made me truly empathize with Silver’s triumphs and struggles, was quite the thrill! I highly recommend him for your projects. He is an actor who is up for the challenge of giving you a wonderfully moving performance.