Hi, I'm Peter. I like to direct, edit and produce audiodrama. From the serious to the silly via any genre. Let me know if you'd like to work together!

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About cornucopiaradio

‘Cornucopia Radio’ started in 2008 and is the name that’s given to all the different award winning audio projects that are overseen (edited/directed) by Peter Beeston in Sheffield, UK.

We tackle a wide mixture of genres, from ‘serious drama’ to ‘silly comedies’. Essentially, if the concept is interesting and well written; we’ll try and make it. Regardless of the subject!

We want the final production to sound exciting and different! We don’t want it to sound like performers just ‘dryly’ reading a script in an empty room. Instead, we try and make it feel like an ‘audio movie’, something that excites your imagination and makes you feel like you’re literately in the middle of the scene.

All this work is then added to our website, radiostream and podcasts. We have been running for over 10 years and has had over half a million downloads in total. We also approach other radio stations to rebroadcast our productions and help promote the things that we do.

We also have our own ‘internet radio’ station called ‘Cornucopia Broadcasting’. This automated rotating stream features all the work created by our amazing talented team of writers, performers and producers. Plus, we also re-broadcast other shows and podcasts from fellow creative people from across the world!.