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Director, producer, editor of;

-The Walking Dead: Motion Comic Series (Volume 1)
-Batman: Arkham Asylum - Audio Drama
-Watchmen: The Enhanced Motion Comic Series (Chapter I-6)

  • @joseph-anthony

    The Alien659 is a great director to work with. He maintained frequent contact and provided adequate guidance to ensure I was getting the character to his liking. Looking forward to working with him again !

  • @daroninenigma

    A true professional in every sense of the word. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Olle and I look forward to continuing this journey. Olle not only provides valuable direction, but also outstanding words of encouragement. I would recommend any who have the opportunity to work with Olle to do so.
    It is an honor!

  • @smc

    It was a pleasure working with Olle thus far, and I'm very much looking forward to continuing working together moving forward. Olle provides open lines of communication and is very quick to respond to any questions that may arise regarding the project. Furthermore, Olle is fastidious when it comes to editing and directing, so you can expect the final product of your work to be something special, and something that you can be proud of being involved with. I would definitely recommend a working relationship if the opportunity presents itself! Thanks Olle!

  • @deleted80609

    It was a pleasure voicing Carol and Donna for this Walking Dead comic. It's projects with leaders like TheAlien659 that remind me why I became a VO. They made it fun, supportive and professional. I look forward to following their talent and career as well as future projects with them.

  • @anthony-parise

    Olle is professional, communicative, and a true master of his craft. He always provides constructive and insightful direction, and he holds himself to the highest of standards. It was an absolute pleasure working for him.

  • @charaito

    Olle is a true visionary. He is dedicated, focused, and shows great passion and care for his work. He is fantastic with deadlines, communication, and provides frequent and thorough updates to his projects so you won’t have to fear communication breakdowns. I have the greatest admiration for Olle and his work and am very thankful to have been given the chance to work with him. I look forward to seeing what creative endeavors he chooses to explore in the future.

  • @hse

    Olle is an incredible content creator. He's consistent in his work, he's professional, friendly, and great to work with. He's always passionate about the content he creates and he works hard to make his vision come to life.
    Working with him is a breeze, he's an excellent director. He provides good directions that are descriptive yet easy to follow.
    I'm proud to say that I've worked with him, and I'd gladly work with him again on any future projects.

  • @jmp

    I worked with Olle on the Watchmen motion comics, providing voices for 3 characters (so far). Olle has been a delight to work with. I needed to retake a few lines for 1 character and his direction was both useful and kind. Olle is a wonderful individual and I hope to work with him on many more projects.

  • @kdonproduction

    I had the pleasure of working with Olle on his inspired, and ambitious enhanced motion comic of Watchmen! Olle trusted me with bringing the role of Dan Dreiberg/Niteowl to life, and he provided me incredibly helpful and creative direction to guide the character along the way. Olle is a master director and editor with a keen eye for highlighting an actor's strengths, and producing a high quality and engaging product. I'm excited to see the next projects Olle brings to life, as his innovative mind knows no bounds! I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Olle, and I hope to have the pleasure to work with him again in the future!