I'm Alison! Can't wait to work with you! check out my visual reel!

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About Alison

Hello! My name is Alison & I am a voice actress with experience in audio dramas, video games, animation, and more! I record with a RODE NT2A in a soundproofed space!

Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns!

What Alison is looking for

I love working on video games and animations! I also love audio dramas & visual novels :)

  • @ross-k

    Peter Cushing on His Final Film   Alison provided a voice over for 1 episode of my web series, The Musing's of The Classic Sherlock Holmes Actor. Her takes were of a clean nature (no cracks/background) and worked great for the final product. Thanks very much Alison!

  • @ross-k

    I have previously recommended Alison, as you can see, but must do so again to really highlight her, both as a talent and a as decent human being. I needed some assistance with a high profile commercial audition piece, having someone read some lines off-screen for my self-tape, and Alison selflessly stepped up to help me. There was nothing to gain from her doing so, and I did not even need the recordings to be that great, but she still refused to compromise her recording quality and performance despite this. Great talent and great person. Highly recommended. 

  • @octahedralprism

    Alison is a great and talented voice actress and easy to work with! 

  • @aleonardo123

    Alison voiced a character on a short film I made. She did a great job and I was so lucky to find such a great voice for them. Highly recommend her!

  • @It_Is_Thom

    Very versatile, dedicated, easy to work with, and has really good range. Can't help but recommend any project lead to hire this actor if they can!

  • @knightofsol94

    Working with Alison was great, she's friendly and enthusiastic. She delivered her lines promptly and with great quality. I highly recommend Alison for your next project!

  • @itskurokun

    I heartily recommend Alison for any of your projects; she is incredibly talented, accountable, and quick to meet deadlines. She does an outstanding job, plus she has a great voice.

  • @jflyer45

    Alison is incredibly talented and is able to act like a Broadway actor. She is professional, responds quickly, and delivers parts with exceptional quality. I wouldn't be surprised if voice acting ends up being her profession. Thanks for your help!