Less active these days but still doing my best!! Will only be able to reach a quality microphone every 3-4 months on average unless it's in the summer.

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About AC

Hi. :)

AC used to be a cooler person but no longer.

Voices AC is good at: monotone, shy, quiet, and the mean girl who bullies the main character. Warm, motherly. But AC is willing to try anything! AC is very bad at accents besides a standard American accent.

AC has no skill in voice imitation so is less likely to take on a fan project as much as AC would like to.

if you are looking for someone fun to talk to AC is also your local friendly (albeit shy) person.

Voices I can do:


ditzy/high pitched



What AC is looking for

Some general information: AC is first and foremost a mediocre voice actor and is always interested in voice acting projects! However, AC is not going to take on NSFW, obscene, or inappropriate projects. AC is also not a fan of swearing but will do so for the right project.

Do you want AC in your project? Feel free to reach out either here or on Discord! Information AC is looking for includes:
 * Project information! What is it about? What medium is it on? (Minecraft? Gacha? Animation?) What are the deadlines and other requirements? Is this an original or a fan project? Keep in mind AC has no voice imitation skills if this character already has an official voice.
 * Character you have in mind! Does AC have to audition for a character in particular? What sort of voice are you looking for?

Contact Information
Discord: ᴀᴄ#9123

  • @vikisthicc

    AC goes above and beyond for me. She agreed to a side dub thing on my channel that had nothing to do with the Part 7 dub I was doing, and she communicates positively and efficiently. AC basically does most of the female voices on my channel. To AC, thank you so much! (The link I provided is super old and was when I was still inexperienced when editing.)

  • @shadowzpa

    AC9123 is a very impressive, fascinating, talented, amazing and astounding voice actress.

    She voices Sariana (aka Sarah) in my project Smash Region and honestly, her work has been nothing but spectacular progress so far. I really do look forward to us working together again, as always.

  • @rainedrops

    Asked for help on short notice and she was able to reply in a timely manner :) I believe she has a lot of potential for the future and hope she sticks around the community for a long time!

  • @cryshulvo

    She provided great voices for extras in my project. She is extremely kind and friendly! Don't miss out working with her.

  • @lachlan_megatrio

    Amazing! We work on a Fairy Tail abridged project together - she works both as an extra and as the editor! Her editing work is top notch, matching the lips amazingly to the voice lines, and I'm always satisfied with her work! Her voice acting is great, too, perfectly able to deliver the tone that I intended with whatever role that she is given and she is always happy to work out! She has an endearing personality and I would never fail to recommend her for editing and voice acting!

  • @deleted445004

    She’s so amazing!! Her voice is just-WOW! I can’t thank her enough! Her voice is so good for my series, I wish she was famous rn!! Omg, I just can’t thank her enough! She’s so kind and warming ❤️ Please cast her in your voice acting project!

  • @riagon

    AC9 was a wonderful to work with. She delivered her lines fast and efficiently. I am glad to have her on the project. She originally auditioned for another role, but I saw her voice fitting for this character "La". She ended up shining in this role and I am so glad for her. Without a doubt in my mind she is an actor any creator would want on their side.

  • @minecraftgamerz

    She is a truly AMAZING Voice Actor. Like she was born to Voice Act. She gave me an audition for one of my roles and she did absolutely INCREDIBLE! I can't wait for her to be in my series. And I hope she will come to do great VA work in her life.

  • @darthvaleria

    She's faster at doing job
    She has a beautiful voice
    She's talented
    I'm hoping to work with her in my projects in the future again ^_^

  • @simplyluxly

    Fantastic! I, simplyluxly, am the producer and editor of Power: A GCMM and I must say, AC9123's voice audios were great! They were smooth and had no noises in the background. She also was great to work with, there were no complications. Also, the fact that she did it for me for free made it even better since I cannot pay anyone. I totally recommend her! (As I'm writing this, Power: A GCMM is not posted yet)

  • @deleted427156

    Her voice is so~ Beautiful!! Even if I only worked with her for a bit, I can tell she's super talented! I really do hope I can work with her again!

  • @blxssomva

    AC9123 brought a heap of energy into her voice lines which was always appreciated and her lines were always delivered quickly. Open to feedback and was willing to redo lines if needed :) It was a great opportunity to work with her!

  • @lusaerys

    I see AC everywhere, and I think it's about dang time someone boosted her recommendation number because she deserves it the most. Just take a look at her audition count; does that not tell you how hardworking she is? She always submits lines on time and has a professional approach to whatever project she takes on, and I think she has a really pretty voice. She's always seeking more opportunities, and I believe they should be given to her because she's so responsible and dedicated to her craft. If anyone's to be crowned "underrated", it should be AC.

  • @starrycore

    I highly recommend casting AC9123. She was the first one who submitted her lines the day I announced the script, and her voice is very fitting. She voices Elena in my series, The Portal's Mystery

  • @hollyleaf81

    AC worked for me voicing Mrs. Kinderson on Enchanted Academy, a Minecraft Roleplay. She was amazing at turning in lines and gave good variation with lines. I loved working with her!

    You can see her in multiple episode of Enchanted Academy: