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Returning to acting after several years absence while serving in the Armed Forces. Several years stage acting experience with a deep, resonant and projected voice. Able to act, do characters, announce, voice overs, commercials, and sing if needed. Just returning, so everything here is a work in progress! Las Vegas native and resident. LGBTQIA+ family member. Passionate about gaming and science fiction/fantasy, but love any good story. Give me a chance and let's grow together!

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  • @voicesofwynn

    Great actor! He is enthusiastic about his work and has a nice, clear voice! Willing to learn and improve his recordings. +1

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    TopherTreks approached me during a Casting Call for a FNV mod titled NCR Marines- NCR Special Forces to voice a regular rank and file conscript voice type. He was shaky at first - in fact his whole initial workload had to be thrown out due to a lack of quality. However, unlike most directors who would've just done an immediate recast, I gave him a chance. He tried again once more and blew me away with his renewed attempt. From his simple bemoaning of his deployment to a worried but determined battle readiness to his battle cries that were absolutely stunning. Bottom line, I heartily recommend Topher and would jump at the chance to work with him again.

    Proof of work received:

  • @shn1010

    They did a great job when voicing Merlot. Very natural and has good voice control. Would recommend 10/10.

  • @buballs-pictures

    Where do I start, Topher was a game changer in our machinima series "The Change In Me". He gave LIFE to Mason, whom most of the viewers actually hate while watching the series. He did a tremendous job throughout past 7 months. I'm so glad our paths have crossed. He even voiced his concerns on script about the representation of LGBTQIA+ characters. It was hard for him to voice an arrogant, selfish character whose emotions were stuck between his wife and a man. He was always the first one to record and deliver his lines. He was always welcome to do retakes and extras. You cannot find anyone better than him on your project. Thank you Topher for your efforts for our series and everything.

  • @jt424

    Topher started out as an extra character (police officer) in my audiobook, "Zane: The Demon Prince." However, when the voice actor who voiced the lead Geo couldn't do it anymore, Topher stepped in. It was a challenge for him at first because Geo has a high, young teenager voice, which is different for Topher, but he was AMAZING! He took it head on. He is a total pro in every way! I highly recommend having him in anyone's project! :)

  • @summer-odyssey

    You can't get any better than this dude! 10/10 acting right here.