My name is Landon and I love to voice act! I always make sure to enjoy the project and give it my all!

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About Landon

I’m an aspiring voice actor who loves to do the job and have fun. A wide array of voices. Especially good with deep and normal voices, as well as certain high pitched voices. I am also capable of a wide variety of accents. My discord is Landon_p#1367

What Landon is looking for

I love to do almost any roles! Most roles I find fun and interesting. I also just love to be a part of something.

  • @rarerarefan1

    Landon has assisted me throughout the development of my indie game “Incandescent”, by voicing multiple characters. His use of accents as well as the pitches, makes his voice a very unique one, and he’s quick to adapt to any role given. 

  • @voicesofwynn

    Landon voiced a farmer for one of our quests and went all in! In the screaming lines, he did not hold back and was overall perfect for the role!