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About ImYourLeftFoot

Hello! My name is Lefty, I'm 16! I do voice acting for fun, maybe professionally some day, but for now it's as a hobby to use my voice to it's extents and beyond. I'm somewhat familiar with writing as well, and I do that in my free time or when I'm inspired.

  • @sleepiezzskaters

    Yo Lefty is actually pretty good at voice acting. Ive heard him in multiple calls, etc and his voice is both flexible and soothing. 

  • @xenn668

    I’ve known Lefty for around a year or two now, and I couldn’t recommend anyone better for a voice acting job. His voice is incredibly versatile, and is well suited for voice acting. He’s wonderful to work with, as well as being a great person. 

  • @DinoDinoDino9

    Left has. Good voice

  • @charmermemeryt

    Lefty is a very flexible person to work with. He voices Rick, a hot dog vendor in "Traitor: Ink Escapists". He has a very nice voice and I recommend him to your project(s). - Charmer