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Tiger Lily VA | Voice Acting | NSFW / SFW
I'm Nami955, a Hentai Artist who also indulges in Voice Acting.
I am interested in Voice Acting for both SFW and NSFW projects.
I would say my voice is the mid-range type.

I'm pretty new to the Voice Acting field so I'm mainly looking to practice, build confidence and have fun, so I don't mind doing some projects for free.

TigersextonVA(@)gmail.com (VA Email)

Lily#8165 (Discord)

@TigersextonVA (SFW VA Twitter)

Feel free to send me a DM if you're interested in my work, I love getting experience and trying to improve myself. I would be more than happy if I could help anyone with their projects.

Stuff That I Really Like!
Undertale, Made In Abyss, Beastars, Monster Girls, Danganronpa, Phoenix Wright, Zero Escape, Huniepop, Catherine, Persona 5, ETC.





Moonlight Lulamoon: Various Youtube Works (Bastet, Begonia, Khiana)

Malleable Timeline: My Hero Academia Comic Dubs (Mina Ashido)

BitWich Entertainment: Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works Abridged (Ayako Mitsuzuri)

Wes Smith: Byleth's Date Comic (Byleth)

CreepaPlaysMC: We Got You Covered (Female Commentator)


Cherriip0p: Cerberus Animation (Cerberus)

Succudev: Virtual Succubus Game (Succuchan)

DeviantPanda: Slave Hunter Game (Slave Girl)

WitchStudios: Elina: Return of the Succubus Game (Female Succubus)

I'mJustThatKinky: Various NSFW Works (Goth Girl, Ashley Graham, Tae Takemi, Irelia)

NowaPLS: She-Ra Analized Animation (She-Ra)

AudioDoujinsDotCom: Together with Catherine (Catherine)

SukeBanchoR18: Sumata Cafe Rise Kujikawa Route Fan Dub (Rise Kujikawa)

AmpleExpansion: Peach's Bakery Aftermath Comic Dub (Bakery Woman and Daisy)

NeinSFW: Rise and Yosuke Voiced (Rise Kujikawa)

McTiddies: Various NSFW Works (Lexis, Sky)

Moonlight Lulamoon: Various NSFW Works (Bastet. Begonia, Skye, Lian, Angela, Girl, Dragon Girl, Robot Girl, Poppy, Khiana)

SexyPrincessMods: Danganronpa 1 Nude Mod (Kyoko Kirigiri)

ShillinVA: Helltaker: The Curious Angel (Azazel)

Doeboy Chaotix: FF7 Remake Gameplay (Hentai Girl Intro)


Casting Calls and Auditons

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